Trapper Traps Bug


You can walk over Trapper's Traps when you are using a Flashlight. at 2 Minutes

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  • Ricky2525
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    I too have confirmed the bug.

    You can walk on the trap while using the flashlight.

  • etms51
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    [Bug]: By flashlight the Trapper's traps, the survivor passes the trap unscathed.

    Description: When the survivor flashes the ground on the hunter's trap, the survivor passes through the trap unscathed without closing the trap (Video 1)

    Step by Step:

    1) Start the game

    2) Click on the "custom games" button in the main menu

    3) Friends come to play and join the streamer

    4) The streamer chooses to play the hunter as a killer and friends as survivors

    5)Places two open traps on the ground

    6) It is seen how the survivor flashes the trap on the ground and moves in the middle of the trap unharmed without closing the trap (Video 1)


    • Character played: all survivor
    • Perks played: all perks
    • Item used: Flashlight
    • Killer used: The Trapper
    • Map: all maps
    • Frequency of the issue: Always
    • Version game: 6.3.2
    • Mode: Custom Match but i think the same problem with public match
    • Status issue: Severe issue
    • Platform: PC - Steam



    Video 1 =>

    I can confirm this issue with the Trap of the Trapper.

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