PS4 GAMEBREAKING BUG - PLEASE FIX IMMEDIATELY - Cannot move, only have cursor on screen

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I was just playing Bubba, on Crotus Pen and when I loaded in I couldn't move or interact with my killer in any way. The only thing I had control over was a circular white cursor I could move, I had to quit the game.

I play on PS4.

If it is relevant, I used the addons light chassis and award winning chili

my perks were agitation, iron grasp, mad grit and lightborn.

Every time a new character gets my released, either PS4 or at least MY PS4 game has such game breaking bugs. 😑

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  • Petforces
    Petforces Member Posts: 42

    Same, But on PS5. with Pyramid head. Maps dead dog saloon. and Swamp map.

  • Beneath_The_Sink
    Beneath_The_Sink Member Posts: 14

    I just posted about this too. 3 games in a row and I can't move at all. At least there's no dc penalty right now

  • BloodBird
    BloodBird Member Posts: 142

    No you only depip automatically, and lose any items, addons or offerings you brought. i lost 8 purple addons and 4 bloody party streamers on my bubba due to this. perfect timing too since its a blood hunt.

    honestly behaviour should give ps4 1 mil bp for this. they should do that every character releease since there will always be these types of bugs on ps4. This is the worst bug I've ever encountered in this game in over 3 years.

  • Palevox
    Palevox Member Posts: 18

    As a survivor, PS4 plus.

    Had to hard quit and restart.

  • BloodBird
    BloodBird Member Posts: 142

    BTW, to anyone who reads this who experiences or might experience this bug, even if you quit the match and play again, the bug once encountered won't stop unless you hard reset the game, so if it happens RESET YOUR GAME.

  • LSE
    LSE Member Posts: 6

    Also just encountered the bug playing Blight on PS4 (Map: RPD East Wing). Got the white menu cursor on screen and can't do anything except opening the options menu but I refuse to DC and take the penalty (the match is still going as I write this, the Survivors must think I'm AFK de-MMR-ing or whatever). 2 BPS (from the Survivors at least, not mine) down the drain.

  • theTARNavsky
    theTARNavsky Member Posts: 139

    PS5 as well, as survivor...

    @BHVR give me my pips and items back

  • BloodBird
    BloodBird Member Posts: 142

    I took a picture and video this time of the Bug to help speed this solution along

  • Phantomyth
    Phantomyth Member Posts: 2

    Just had the the same thing happen to me as survivor on PS4.

    I was playing as Mikaela with prove thyself, off the record, windows, and dead hard. I had a yellow medkit, the yellow tape add on, and the yellow scissors add on.

    It happened twice in a row. Once on the new map shattered square and once on crotus penn asylum (I don’t remember which variation and I DC’d immediately to restart my game). Worst bug I’ve encountered on this game… please fix asap

  • NightSkyKing
    NightSkyKing Member Posts: 5

    Yeah I'm having this bug issue.

    Today is the first time I've ever encountered this bug and I'm playing on ps5 survivor role.

    I'd like to be able to play the game so please fix asap behavior 🙏

  • NightSkyKing
    NightSkyKing Member Posts: 5

    Was just playing survivor on ps5 when I got this bug twice too

    Although resetting the game entirely fixes the issue, I'd still wish for this to be fixed asap please and thank you

  • parilo
    parilo Member Posts: 16
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    it doesnt fix it completly it comes back it did happend to me i could play 2 matches then comes back

  • Green_lumux
    Green_lumux Member Posts: 3

    I have been having this same issue since the new update... it first started while playing surivour, now it is happening during matches as the killer as well.

    Happened last night in two back to back matches! I just got stuck sitting there, and I didn't want to DC and waste the other players times, so I had to wait out the round.

    Thankfully it doesn't seem to happen consistently, I had played 6+ matches before without issue. I quite and restartedthe game and that fixed the issue on the next round I played; hopefully they get an update out soon!

  • BloodBird
    BloodBird Member Posts: 142

    This ever getting fixed or what? Obviously not until the bloodhunt is over right? Behaviou's gotta make sure all the Playstation players lose out on all their BP and bloodpoint gains. If I don't get a free 1 mil bp from this glitch i swear to god.

  • Fac_attack
    Fac_attack Member Posts: 24

    Happened to me. Had to move over to Xbox. Gee, maybe if they gave us cross platform progression (overwatch, cod warzone, etc), it wouldn't be as big of a deal 🤡

    Now I'm forced to smurf 🤷‍♂️

  • Zabulus87
    Zabulus87 Member Posts: 9

    When I change the quest in archives. I always restart the game after selecting a new one. Works till now without the bug.