Exploit: The Knight is able to face camp while using anti-camp perks if channeling ability.

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Platform: PC (ALL)

If a survivor is hooked, and The Knight starts channeling his ability in front of the survivor, he can make distance with his power then stop moving. If he doesn't move/cancel power it counts as him being far enough away to proc all of these perks as if he isn't nearby anymore.

In the game I watched, he did this, and forced a quick unhook due to Monstrous Shrine, when unhooked, it proc'd Make Your Choice / gave a stack of Devour. He stopped channeling then insta downed the unhooker. With STBFL, it's even more ridiculous.

Below are a couple of clips from when I saw this happen on my friends stream.

Picture is to show you how busted a build can be doing this.

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  • SlowLoris
    SlowLoris Member Posts: 251

    Sorry for the quick comment. This seems to be catching on rapidly. Just bouncing around a few streams I saw multiple people encounter it and also others doing it. This is gonna be miserable.

  • InAcesHole
    InAcesHole Member Posts: 34

    Can confirm this is making its rounds and more and more Knights are doing it.

    To add on, I tested it with the bots (who never come for the unhook as long as they hear your TR) and it works with Insidious as well.

    I was there but setting patrol state, Insidious proccs, bots come to unhook as there is no TR.

  • Zokenay
    Zokenay Member Posts: 1,158

    Yeah, this needs to be addressed asap, and report everyone that abuses it.

  • theplaggg
    theplaggg Member Posts: 267

    I was about to report this as well.

    Its just miserable since this "strategy" creates a lose-lose situation for the survivors no matter what. I really hope this gets hotfixed asap.

  • White_Owl
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    Encountered it myself too

  • SlowLoris
    SlowLoris Member Posts: 251

    Yeah, unfortunately it seems like many people are making videos to show off this "unique strategy", so I'm definitely seeing it more.

  • etms51
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    I hope which these exploit will be fixed very soon and i confirmed this issue.

  • FeryGEN
    FeryGEN Member Posts: 627

    Jesus Mary Roosevelt Christ.

    This should be immediately disabled from the game, and abusers should be banned

  • etms51
    etms51 Member Posts: 591
    edited November 2022

    I agree, i''ll killswitched perks or directly the Knight until to fix these issue, and put some time from the power of the knight.

  • SlowLoris
    SlowLoris Member Posts: 251

    I've seen quite a few posts get marked as "Acknolwedged", but not this one. This is the same level of mind numbing as AFK pig. Could we possibly get some Dev eyes on this?

  • roundpitt
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    This was reported before patch 6.4.1. They did not fix it and did not release a statement about it.

    It was likely an oversight and they don't know how to fix it, so they haven't said anything yet.

    I agree it's terrible to play against. The correct thing to do when this happens, is to do gens when the killer camps. But the Knight can also use monstrous shrine with this too so at most you could barely do three gens assuming the killer isn't using Deadlock. Given this, at max he would get two kills if you ignored unhooks and did gens.

    With Deadlock, he'll likely get three kills without much effort.

  • MaTtRoSiTy
    MaTtRoSiTy Member Posts: 1,252

    I have seen several Knight players exploiting this with Make Your Choice and it was known before the last patch but they have not addressed it yet. Hopefully a hotfix will come soon as we have the usual unethical people taking full advantage of this exploit while it exists

  • drsoontm
    drsoontm Member Posts: 3,909

    Still "Pending" ?