Can’t move in game only shows CURSOR

BJJpanda Member Posts: 5

On PlayStation

randomly can not do anything in match only shows the menu cursor

have to restart console to fix it happened to me and another friend

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  • OffensiveHumor
    OffensiveHumor Member Posts: 131

    Yep. I've been experiencing this too. It happened 3 times in a row to me.

  • TabbiiSuhii
    TabbiiSuhii Member Posts: 2

    Just had the same happen to me twice in a row on the new map where I couldn’t move or do anything and the cursor was the only thing I could do it was fine in other maps so I’m not sure what’s the cause I’m on PS4

  • RatMilkOwO
    RatMilkOwO Member Posts: 76

    This has been recognized on their official Twitter

  • Sharkblades
    Sharkblades Member Posts: 2

    2 times in a row to me now just a few ago. and the other day to my friend

  • Mockingjay_S451
    Mockingjay_S451 Member Posts: 393

    Yep, happening to me like 3 out of 5 games so I’ve stopped playing. Spent a lot of money on Tuesday for the DLC and 3 new skins…. Can’t even play. 😩

  • Esterhause
    Esterhause Member Posts: 40

    Had it happen about 5 times now, annoying when you've added party streamers and have to switch off the game for it to work again

  • Esterhause
    Esterhause Member Posts: 40

    And sill happening today, PS5

  • Mockingjay_S451
    Mockingjay_S451 Member Posts: 393

    They just updated on Twitter that apparently this game breaking bug for PlayStation users is not expected to be fixed until Hot Fix two. So can only assume that means a week from Tuesday. This is ridiculous.

  • MashiroMomo
    MashiroMomo Member Posts: 2

    This is happening to my fiancee since the release of the newest Knight DLC. Can we get an update when this going to be fixed?

  • Underdawg
    Underdawg Member Posts: 193

    Just happened to me too. PS5.

  • Cyranoz
    Cyranoz Member Posts: 7

    Happened last 3 games.

    Impossible to play...

  • Platoza
    Platoza Member Posts: 1

    Something needs to be done about this its happened at least 4 times a day. I'm losing all my items and add-ons for both killers and survivors. Doesn't matter what character you pick it happens. Behavior have said they won't be sorting this until hotfix 2 and I think they need to sort us out some BPs for the inconvenience. I'm losing pips.

  • Zariva83
    Zariva83 Member Posts: 45

    Same here, on PS5, version 6.400.001

  • Zariva83
    Zariva83 Member Posts: 45

    Did you get a disconnect penalty? Can we at least have those disable until this is fixed, so we can get out of boring games? I've had three inactive survivors in as many games and one inactive killer in two games. Now it happened to me and I feel like an ass for looking like an afk killer. :(

  • RKLSone
    RKLSone Member Posts: 1

    This is the worst bug for me to ever happen. I lose all my addons and offerings and I feel bad for the people I play against/with. Can DBD get their crap straight and just fix their game already?!??!

  • Zabulus87
    Zabulus87 Member Posts: 9
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    I have it on PS5 with a survivor since the new update. Super annoying. U can't do anything. It happens every 10th game to me.

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  • Fac_attack
    Fac_attack Member Posts: 24

    Happened to me. Had to move over to Xbox. Gee, maybe if they gave us cross platform progression (overwatch, cod warzone, etc), it wouldn't be as big of a deal 🤡

    Now I'm forced to smurf 🤷‍♂️

  • OniAkuma
    OniAkuma Member Posts: 17

    absolutely ridiculous what BH deliver here again. Everytime when DBD has an Event something happend that you can´t enjoy it.

    and what are you get from BH? a sorry. A ######### sorry for a game that doens´t work even though you paid for it.

  • Zabulus87
    Zabulus87 Member Posts: 9

    Check this out. When u switch a quest in archive. Restart the game to prevent it. That worked till now for me.

  • Esterhause
    Esterhause Member Posts: 40

    I've had a few games with no problem, drop a frightful flan into the game and Bam, cursor showing right at the star of the game, so f'ing annoying 😡

    GSR_CAOR Member Posts: 2

    Having a similar issue on Xbox series X where I can't move once the match has started. Hopefully, they fix it for both platforms because I literally can't play at all atm

  • Four_storm899
    Four_storm899 Member Posts: 1

    Just had it happen to me for the 1st time on one of the swamp maps

  • UntilValhalla13
    UntilValhalla13 Member Posts: 167

    I doubt that there's a way to get my pips back, but can y'all at least make it to where I don't lose any further pips if I have to force close the game.

  • Cynerta
    Cynerta Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2022

    Same thing to me. (On PS4)

    More precise informations :

    - As I analysed, this bug is for killer or survivor.

    - Whatever the map.

    - Whatever the objects...

    - It's random.

    - I don't see changes about the time, same thing in the morning, afternoon or night.

    - The only thing we can access is the menu during the game.

    It's start for me juste after the last update.

    I make some screenshots and video if the staff would see.

    The only way to go out this bug is to disconnect.... but, that's not fair for other players.

  • Quink
    Quink Member Posts: 48

    Always restart you game after choosing a challenge and this bug wont happen.

  • Zariva83
    Zariva83 Member Posts: 45

    On December 2nd, on PS5, version 6.4.1, the problem still persists.

  • danielmaster87
    danielmaster87 Member Posts: 8,358

    Happened to me twice in a row as Wraith on PS4. Dodged a Temple and a Mother's Dwelling match at least.

  • Heyitsben
    Heyitsben Member Posts: 8

    It's happened to me twice already. Hopefully this is fixed.

  • KingCH
    KingCH Member Posts: 14

    Same happened to me, I had to shut off my PS4 to fix the situation. For if you DC and try another match you still have the risk of being frozen.

  • Robotfangirl67
    Robotfangirl67 Member Posts: 625

    I was playing on my PlayStation 4 and had that happen to me today while playing against a hag on Rpd. Then the bug happen again in a custom bot match as Legion. The cursor bug usually doesn’t bug on me. But today it did for some weird reason. I had to disconnect from both matches cause I didn’t know what else to do.