Steam, PC - Game Closed But "Running" {FIXED}

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So I finished up as a game as The Demogorgon and hit "ESC" to head back to the title screen to go play a game of Survivor. While the screen was loading I alt-tabbed out to check on something else right quick and after a couple of moments I noticed the game had closed out.

It is not on my taskbar any more, it is not in the alt + tab list. Totally closed out.

"Must have crashed." I think. No real problem I'll just relaunch it.

Steam - Error. "An error occurred while updating Dead By Daylight (app running)"


Try to stop the game from my Steam Library. Endlessly stuck in "STOPPING".

I check tack manager, as the help about this error says I should, no Dead By Daylight anywhere. I do stop EasyAntiCheat though. Doesn't help. I close out Steam, doesn't help. I haven't tried restarting my computer because I've got several things open at the moment that I don't want to have to reopen but it is my next course of action and will probably fix the issue because if the computer is off nothing can be running.

A silent crash locked up Dead By Daylight with no recourse other than a hard computer restart.

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  • Ô_boro
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    I had the same thing today and saw other people having the same issue when closing the game. I had to restard my PC too, that's really annoying.

  • vladspellbinder
    vladspellbinder Member Posts: 320

    Update: Shutdown my computer, waited five seconds and turned it back on. Did not fix the issue. As soon as Steam started I checked my library and Dead By Daylight was still "Running".

    I am now going to try shutting my computer off again and go fix a snack, use the bathroom, basically waste about ten minutes before turning it on again. Give a lot of time for RAM and everything to clear out.

  • vladspellbinder
    vladspellbinder Member Posts: 320

    Second update: Shut down my computer, let it off for about eleven minutes. Turn it back on, get everything going again.

    Dead By Daylight is still "running". And I'm not sure if this is related or not but now my task manager has a totally blank "Processes" tab. I'm not even running the basic operating system right now it seems.

  • vladspellbinder
    vladspellbinder Member Posts: 320

    Update three: After waiting a bit over half an hour after hitting "STOP" and seeing the status as "STOPPING" the game finally actually stopped and I was able to relaunch it.

  • UpdatedCake
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    Can confirm that DBD runs somehow on the background. It happened to me today, when I closed it and went to do a work things but my CPU has been unnaturally loaded. Dozens of % showed in task manager on CPU running something but no DBD, no anti-cheat, no Steam running. Issue has been solved by restarting computer.

    Win 10, Steam version with latest update.

  • PokeTrainerFaju
    PokeTrainerFaju Member Posts: 1

    This happened to me tonight too. I closed out of DBD like normal earlier this evening, and noticed in Steam that DBD still shows "Running". Clicking "Stop", rebooting, and making sure anything DBD & Steam related were closed in Task Manager doesn't seem to resolve it either. Maybe I'll try the above, just "Stop" and wait an hour or so. So weird.

  • Blank14
    Blank14 Member Posts: 15

    This happened to me too.

    I use windows 11.

    It's been more than 10 minutes the status is stopping.

  • Pega6
    Pega6 Member Posts: 53

    Can also vouch for this, had the same issue happen to me earlier today. Also seeing a lot of reports about this on steam discussions and reddit. Personally for me I noticed that after closing the game, Steam, EAC and DBD where in task manager still using normal amounts of CPU/RAM but "System" was completely hogging my 2nd core, locking it at 100% (Ryzen 5600x) . Attempting to force close DBD/EAC changed nothing, restarting PC works but obviously having to restart your PC every time this pops up (which I admit is not 100%) is a pain.

  • Canas
    Canas Member Posts: 1,021

    Same issue for me, my last session was more than 8 hours ago and the game is apparently still "running" after booting up my computer. How the heck is that possible?

  • Decutor
    Decutor Member Posts: 137

    Same issue here, started today Nov 30th. The culprit is EAC. I literally had the same issue with other titles that also use this anti cheat.

    Under normal behavior, shortly after launch EAC will temporarily use your CPU Core #2 to run a check in your PC. During this process, you can observe the CPU#2 shooting to 100% usage and sitting there for a few seconds.

    Currently it shoots to 100% e never goes back down so when we close DBD, EAC is still running.

  • Cramps
    Cramps Member Posts: 107

    Try restarting instead of shutting down your computer. If you have Fast Boot enabled (many systems do by default) then shutting down doesn't technically "shut down" everything on your computer, it goes into a kind of hibernation state instead - you can verify this by going into task manager, clicking "performance" and viewing the "Up time" at the bottom after shutting down/booting up. Restarting should actually shut everything down/reset the system.

  • MeltingPenguins
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    Same here. Stuck in there for 12 hours now... while the comp was OFF. restarting OR shutting off does not solve the issue


  • Decutor
    Decutor Member Posts: 137

    Read above. Your PC has the "fast boot" feature enabled.

  • MeltingPenguins
    MeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,743

    thank you, that -did- help.

    Still, this is something that shouldn't happen to begin with. HOW does that even happen, wth.

    (and now i'm scared to even start dbd, because even though I know the solution, I'm not in the mood to go through that again)

  • etms51
    etms51 Member Posts: 591

    same for me same issues,

  • Decutor
    Decutor Member Posts: 137
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    If my theory is correct, this is EAC to blame. They did something that broke their software and DBD doesn't have a failsafe to force close the app.

    I tested another game that also uses EAC and it showed the same behavior (Core#2 stuck at 100%).

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  • Dragonlord59th
    Dragonlord59th Member Posts: 7

    I've had a similar issue but i'm running of windows store so i don't have a Stop button. The game keeps bugging out when loading into matches as the windows store is to do and then i can't exit out of the game so i force close it and it bugs out and doesn't properly close so when i go to re open it give an error message saying it still running.

    I check task manager and there is DBD and EAC in there so end both of them but DBD doesn't actually stop and can't be stopped unless i restart my PC.

  • Decutor
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    I launched a game that uses EAC on Ubisoft Connect and it broke my PC the same way.

    It's 100% EAC (or Kernel stuff).

  • Mandy
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    Hello! Sorry that you're having this issue - we've reverted something on our end, please can you see if this issue is still occurring now.

  • Canas
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    I did try uninstalling both DbD and EAC but my CPU is still going crazy, this doesn't bode well. Is there no way to remedy this apparent hardware issue? I also made sure to deactivate fastbooting. I did try running my antivirus but it wasn't able to find anything, nor did the Task Manager.

  • Decutor
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    The issue seems to be resolved. Thank you, Mandy! For asking the team to look into it so promptly and not only that, to fix it. You guys are incredible!

    Other games will continue to suffer this issue until they revert whatever it is that EAC did.

    It went back to the expected behavior:

    Here is the bugged one:

    EAC was shooting Core#2 to 100% and never letting go of it, even after the game was closed.

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  • Decutor
    Decutor Member Posts: 137

    This is not a hardware issue, this is something that broke with EAC and its probably affecting any game that uses it. Like I mentioned above. I launched a game that wasn't even on steam and encountered the same problem.

    It's not a problem with our hardware or any software that we have installed. We just have to wait for EAC to fix the issue but thankfully BHVR did something on their reach to temporarily save us from the issue.

  • sizzlingmario4
    sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 5,702

    I had this problem last night too. After I finished a match, my game crashed and afterwards I had the exact same issue with Steam even after restarting Steam too. It eventually fixed itself after like 15-20 minutes. Will see if this happens again or not.

  • MalekithHatesSnow
    MalekithHatesSnow Member Posts: 63

    No idea what that other mate is talking about its still happening

  • Skemooo
    Skemooo Member Posts: 194

    It seems to use 1 core of your CPU to 100% for about 2-3 mins before it decides to close the game on steam.. happens on DBD and B4B for me and they both got EAC.. also the process the taht uses up CPU is some generic systems 32 file.. i was afraid it was malware then all my friends started having same issue so i hope its something from either steam or eac or devs not my PC :)

  • vladspellbinder
    vladspellbinder Member Posts: 320

    This seems to have fixed things for me, at least if I close out the game normally. I tried ending the game via task manger and it was still "Running" in Steam but when I tried to "Stop" it it just relaunched the game so even that is sort of "fixed".

  • Decutor
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    Coming back here to shoutout BHVR for addressing this issue so fast.

    Almost a week later since EAC broke down and other games affected by this issue haven't done anything. Tried to play a different game that uses EAC and still faced the same issues we reported here for DBD. My CPU#2 stuck to 100%, exiting the game failed to end the process and was forced to restart the PC.

  • Ripley
    Ripley Member Posts: 864

    Kudos to BHVR for addressing it so quickly. Another game I play "devs are aware of it" ho hum.