the Twins are game breaking buggy recently

PC - Twins camera pov bug + game ending immobile charolette bug

Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play as killer in a public match

Step 3 : In-game, Vic pounced on survivor, charlotte woke and camera was frozen

Step 4 : Once survivor crushed Vic, he returned to Charlotte and apon trying to use him to fix the bug, neither were able to move and killer was stuck for the rest of the match

(both times i got a broken camera angle, it was caused by switching from the other twin's perspective)


  • Character played - The Twins
  • Perks played - Running Adept twins or adept + surveillance
  • Map - Forsaken Boneyard
  • Frequency of the issue - The camera bug happened on Vic's side earlier that round but i was only deathlocked once. I've never had the two bug before today and i main twins.

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  • DBDayLove
    DBDayLove Member Posts: 3

    Same thing happening to me almost every match, you literally can't play as Twins anymore.

  • Xernoton
    Xernoton Member Posts: 4,243

    I played public 5 games as Twins. Happened every single time. So far I've seen it get triggered by switching between Victor and Charlotte, opening a locker as Victor, getting kicked as Victor and attaching to a survivor as Victor. One game I had that bug and grabbed someone out of a locker. I couldn't move anymore and they couldn't wiggle out I dced before EGC so I don't know if the entity would have gotten rid of that.

    It seems to vary between maps how easy the bug is triggered. I have tried to replicate it in a bot match but no luck so far.

  • Axilivronildo
    Axilivronildo Member Posts: 2

    Happens to me in almost every single match I play Twins. It can happen with any action that makes us leave Victor, such as pressing CTRL to return to Charlotte, hitting a healthy survivor as victor, being kicked as Victor, anything.

    I even tried to open a locker, release Victor and getting a pallet stun as Charlotte, but everything I got was a frozen screen after that.

  • ElevatedWind
    ElevatedWind Member Posts: 26

    Played twins for the daily ritual and it happened both the games I played. So frustrating. It needs to be fixed already.

  • Rookie1111
    Rookie1111 Member Posts: 2

    They're unplayable. They've been for a while. Is it really that complicated to fix?

  • NageZ
    NageZ Member Posts: 4

    Had the same problem three games in a row. I have no idea what is going on. First game I tried to fix by opening a locker and got stuck there till the end of the match.

    Next match same thing happens, but I got pallet stunned and stuck there as well. Then I dc'd

  • Zerotoxiks
    Zerotoxiks Member Posts: 72

    Just wanted to chime in that it’s still happening. I’m on Xbox Series X if that might mean anything but this is probably all platforms.

    twins is literally unplayable. It happens every game.

    killswitch twins!

  • Ronsone
    Ronsone Member Posts: 215

    I don't think they will kill switch them. I'm playing thme every day and still happening. I avoid to hit healthy survivors as Viktor for now.

  • if this bug was on any other killer it would be fixed in a week or less. one month..