One way invisible on Asylum map

voneschen Member Posts: 19

At the entrance of the main building there r 2 pillars. If u go down the steps between the pillar and the building u will be fine. But if u go up the steps u will get blocked by an invisible wall that only the killer can go though. Doesn’t matter if the survivor is walking or crawling they can’t go through

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  • TheH3rmanCart3r
    TheH3rmanCart3r Member Posts: 17
    edited December 2022

    Can Confirm. There is something up with the steps on the left. Some sort of invisible wall. It got some survivors unfairly killed.

    Edit: I haven't ran into any issues with the other stairs. But Someone should see if they're bugged too if not already.

  • Chillaximus
    Chillaximus Member Posts: 3

    ran into this issue as well