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  • Basement_Bubba420
    Basement_Bubba420 Member Posts: 397

    There is way too much white space. Around 40% of my screen is actually used for the forum. The rest is the white space between the edges of the screen and the middle informational part.

    The white space problem extends to the individual posts themselves. Previously, posts were divided into two sections which were clearly distinguishable by background. The header had a darker background. The body had a lighter background. The "actual" background of the board itself was the "lightest" or "grayest". This new post format makes it hard to read and is a psyop making me think there is even more white space. It literally strains my eyes to read a post, there is not enough contrast between the different sections Header/Body/Background.

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,071

    I can't search for stuff using Chrome app on my phone. Anytime I try for some reason the words go in backwards. I tried typing "Why" and instead if does "search for yhW." I also can't delete letters, need to refresh the page to clear the box. I tried the Firefox app and it works fine, it's just the Chrome app.

  • DD1
    DD1 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 4

    Poor customer service .. closing threads without answering or reasons.. well done

  • ashsagoon
    ashsagoon Member Posts: 2

    The Information Center seems to be broken now. I just get a page that says "Call to a member function getData() on null".

    I was trying to access the Cube Craft characters that used to be at this url:

  • Mandy
    Mandy Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 21,959

    All URLs would have been changed due to the forum set up.

    Foldable Characters - BHVR this would be the link to the foldable characters.

  • Chordyceps
    Chordyceps Member Posts: 1,632

    So I recently joined the MYM forums, and after that it looks like the upvotes section of my profile got reset? I have the same amount of upvotes still, but I can't view which posts/comments I made were upvoted prior to my joining the MYM forums. I kinda hope there's a solution to this because I do kinda enjoy going back and looking at how my posts were recieved.

  • Mandy
    Mandy Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 21,959

    hmm interesting one, I'll have a look in the settings and see if there's anything I can do. It would be nothing to joining MyM forums as the forum is all one BHVR forum. It might have to do with the way the rework reset things.

  • CheesyBabyBoi
    CheesyBabyBoi Member Posts: 233

    Something that i see around a lot and personally touches a nerve for reasons i dont really understand why is when people ask reasonably or not whether someone is new to the game or to the forum, and i know theres a thing that describes wherever you are how many posts youve made, and it would be cool if there was also a thing for how many hours you had in the game.

    It would be unfortunate if it was generally unverifiable on places like mobile or xbox but it would be nice if it was something really simple like

    (white badge) <10 hours playtime

    (green badge) 10-25 hours playtime

    (blue badge) 25-75 hours playtime

    (purple badge) 75-500 hours playtime

    (red badge) 500-1500 hours playtime

    (black/ornate badge) 1500+ hours playtime

    it would clear up confusion and you could set up a little thing with screenshots or something in the same way you ask for name changes or whatever that way people who wanted to show off game time could and people that were newer or maybe less inclined could not have a badge

    and i mean people could fake it and get the best raddest badge but i mean like whatever it generally wont matter in cases other than you(or me more often) looking like an idiot and wanting to be sure that the reason im bad at knowing things about dbd is because im bad at knowing things in general and not because im new lmao

    i would like this, it would make me happy, i would have a solid red badge :D

  • Smoe
    Smoe Member Posts: 2,339

    Apparently Drafts without a title to it cannot be accessed afterwards.

  • Halloulle
    Halloulle Member Posts: 967

    Even though it's more of a bug-report and less feedback I suppose this is still the best place:

    It appears my notifications are bugged. No matter what I do, the unread notifications badge next to the bell icon always reappears. When I click "Mark All Read" it disappears in the dropdown but as soon as I reload / go to a different page on the forums it reappears.

    The cause seems to be my own thread "Made for This [yes, yet another thread on that one]". - My best guess is that one reply got deleted by a mod before I read it: if I didn't miscount I got notified of a total of 18 replies, the thread has 19 replies, two of which are my own, so they wouldn't show up in the notifications, which means I got 18 notifications but can only read 17 comments of other people .

  • Jarky
    Jarky Member Posts: 585

    Whenever I switch pages in the forum currently, there's a very brief white page that appears when loading the area you're going to, e.g. if you're on the homepage and click 'General Discussions' you'll get a flash of white and then the page loads.

    This really aggravates my eyes especially when I'm frequently browsing the forum at night - I don't know if there's a workaround anyone's aware of, or if it's something that can be changed, but I'd appreciate any assistance with it.

  • Brokenbones
    Brokenbones Member Posts: 5,129

    This is a temporary solution but I highly recommend you install an extension called 'Dark reader' - it's available for Firefox/Chrome and maybe others. Not only does this fix the white flash on refresh issue, it'll basically add dark mode to any other website automatically

  • Jarky
    Jarky Member Posts: 585
  • ratcoffee
    ratcoffee Member Posts: 800

    In addition to the "flag post - report - post breaks forum rules" option, it would be great to have an option to let moderators know that a post does not break forum rules, but that it's in the wrong section of the forums (i.e. a new idea for a killer or an idea for a perk rework posted outside of the suggestions section)

  • Critical_Fish
    Critical_Fish Member Posts: 613
    edited February 2

    Just in the past few days I've been having an error that's cropped up whenever I've tried to open a draft I'd saved since around January 25th-28th (rough estimate, I'm not sure on the exact time). The error shown is as follows:

    The text reads: "Permission Problem... You don't have permission to do that."

    This appears whenever I attempt to open a draft I'd saved since the specified time. I've restarted my PC, logged out and logged back in, and have cleared my cookies- nothing has altered the outcome. I just made another draft while typing this out to test if the error still occurs, and it does, so it remains an issue.

    I was curious if others had this issue, if this was reversible and I'd be able to get my work back, etc.

    Edit: I've also noticed the same error occurs when I click on my badges on my profile. Not sure if it's related, but being flashbanged anytime I click something arbitrary on the forums is really unpleasant, if nothing else.