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I have had several matches where Kindred's ability to reveal the nearby kilers aura was not taking effect 100% of the time. I went against an Artist on Suffocation Pit and then a Pig on Decimated Borgo and had times late into the match or just not revealing the killers aur when they are next to the hook. I am on the Xbox Series S I am playing Hange cosmetic Zarina and my perk load-out is Kindred, Wake Up, Distortion and Sprint Burst. The aura reveal disruption is random as sometimes the killers aura does get revealed. Will be pairing Kindred with the other 3 perks to see which is causing it.

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This is listed on the Known Issues in the patch notes.


  • Deadeye
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    Even more. Once I saw how Kindred revealed a shrouded Wraith to me. Also Wiretap showed me a killer aura while I was in a locker. There are several aura issues atm

  • darkshadows8326
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    I have used Kindred+Distortion and Kindred+Wake Up and have had both times where the killer aura just doesn't show up for me randomly. So it would seem that Kindred itself is just bugged and not revealing the kilers aura sometimes.

  • darkshadows8326
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    So killer aura is just broken then.

  • daniel_owenz
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    It's not working for me either

  • gfunk
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    Kindred is still not working, if I equip Kindred I cant see the Killer around the hook area

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    Seems be inverted. Kindred shows auras of undetectable killers but doesn't show detectable killers at all. Same with other aura reading perks.

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