Steam PC - Pinhead sound glitch

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Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play as Pinhead in a public match

Step 3 : As the match is ending, create a possessed chain (M2 power) and let it linger as the game ends

Step 4 : Play as Pinhead in a second public match without restarting the game

Step 5: Half of all sound FXs do not play.

Sounds I have noticed that do not play:

  • Second part of a pallet or breakable wall as it gets destroyed
  • All survivor sounds (foot steps, grunts of pain, vaults, screams, etc.)
  • Gens that are being worked on and the progress sound of a gen

Video of this happening is below. I show the end of one round using my chain power as Pinhead and then I show the second game I went into. I didn't show in the video but using the chain power again doesn't fix it. The only way to fix this is to restart your game.

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