Man of Medan (Shared Story)

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Hey yall, I'm looking for someone to play shared story with for the Trophy, I'm on PS, you can just start it with me and not play, cause I want to either knock out the head or heart Trophy too, cause I heard you can start together but the other person can finish it, hope I'm right


  • tippy2k2
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    It won't do you any good but I really liked Man of Medan. With the last Xbox sale, I also picked up Little Hope (which I am currently playing through), House of Ashes, and The Quarry.

    I know some of these games are more meh than others but I'm a big sucker for these kind of games. I've never tried playing them shared though.

  • dbdulus
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    I loved little hope, still need to play ashes, quarry and devil, I'm a sucker for them too

    I'm just trying to get the trophy for man and try either head or heart decisions only to knock that out too, but I heard if its shared the other person can finish it and other doesn't really have to do anything I think