Tutorial Glitch

River_dbd Member Posts: 11

my friend is new to dbd so when he went to do the tutorial and he can't finish it, he was very disappointed. After Meg pallets the trapper and you get out of his grasp, you get glitched in the corner of some boxes and can only crouch up and down. The Meg goes and gets stuck in a trap, but nothing pops up on screen and you can't move or look around.

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  • Tanidge
    Tanidge Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2


    Having this happen to me also. I am new to the game and wanted to learn a bit before joining my friends

    Fix soon please!

  • Winwin
    Winwin Member Posts: 7

    Upvoting as same is happening on switch. There are multiple threads on this and This has been going on for over a week and does not allow new players to play at all. It not being fixed at this point is unacceptable and makes the game a waste of money.

  • thegagemichael
    thegagemichael Member Posts: 2

    Same happens to me, can't do anything except crouch after meg drops the pallet. Can't access the main game until I go through the impossible to complete tutorial. So can't play.