Bond does not reveal allies' auras in all cases.

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platform: PC

description of the issue:

when playing against a killer using the perk Knock Out, the normal dying aura is obscured beyond a certain range. however, while using the perk Empathy, you can still see a dying survivor's aura highlighted in yellow, not in red.

Empathy says, "the auras of survivors in the injured or dying state within X range are revealed to you".

Bond says, "the auras of all other survivors within X range are revealed to you".

however, Bond does not reveal a dying ally's aura through Knock Out when Empathy does.

also, Empathy has the caveat, "Empathy does not reveal the aura of a survivor being carried by the killer". Bond does not have this, but does not reveal the aura of a survivor that is being carried by the killer. so i think the description needs an update. or the perk ;)

steps to reproduce:

a Knock Out equipped killer downs a survivor. that survivor's aura is not shown to a Bond-using teammate.

thank you very much!

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  • sizzlingmario4
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    The bug here would be that Empathy IS showing the aura, not that Bond isn’t.

    Years ago, Empathy used to counter Knock Out (and was intended to do so), back when Knock Out worked with special attacks. When the devs changed it to only work with basic attacks, Empathy’s ability to counter it was taken away. I’m not actually sure why it still mentions dying state because it’s completely redundant at this point (as normally seeing your teammates in dying state is a basekit ability anyways).

    TL:DR: Bond isn’t bugged, and if Empathy is overriding Knock Out, then that isn’t intended.