List of Wesker issues.

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After playing a lot with Wesker i'm noticing some issues, going to explain them.

Issue 1 Description: Survivors sometimes can still sneak behind you after vaulting a pallet with Virulent Bound. You cannot relocate yourself to prevent them vaulting back before you gain control of your character again, making vaultin a pallet still a lose-lose situation.

Platform: Tested on PC

Steps to reproduce: Vault a pallet with Virulent Bound. The survivor can slightly go back so he doesn't get hit by you after vaulting (that hit that got added after Wesker release), but then can sneak past you while you are recovering and vaulting the pallet back. Tried to move myself to stop them getting past me but sometimes its still not possible.

How often does this occur: Depends on how the survivor moves after vaulting. If he does well enough, it seems to be easily exploitable by them.

Issue 2 Description: Visual bug. In PTB, when you grabbed someone with Virulent Bound, the grabbed survivor is smoothly being carried with you until you slam/throw them. But after a patch or two on Wesker release (on those that were Wesker bugfixes) now the animation of the grabbed survivor while you are carrying them is not smooth, it seems to be "teleporting constantly" with you.

Platform: Tested on PC

Steps to reproduce: Grab a survivor with Virulent Bound.

How often does this occur: Always happens after grabbing someone while you carry them in your Bound.

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