Merciless Storm Bugged - 85%+ regression if you miss a skill-check

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Merciless Storm Bugged - 85%+ regression if you miss a skill-check

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  • ArcT
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    Confirmed here as well.

    BHVR, please. Some unit tests. Spend an hour before release just running through every perk to make sure they're all baseline functional.

    And killswitch this ######### yesterday.

  • sizzlingmario4
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    How does this even happen?

    Guess I’m not playing skillcheck Doctor until the midchapter because MS needs to be killswitched, again.

  • OrangeBear
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    Nope. Been playing since resident evil so i know how bad the game can get technical wise but particularly they have been quite disappointing in many aspects.

  • CamperSluggerVillain
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    The eruption buff we needed

  • bearr_trap
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    This was a fun one to experience :|

  • VFT0616
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    Please fix this behavior

  • Tubby_Squirrel
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    Please, I want to run skill check doc without effectively cheating.

  • Bleydoka
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    Can this finally be disabled. Skillchecks doesn't work correctly, so you'll explode the gen. Exploding gens lose all progress instantly. I'm pretty disgusted that it was enabled with these bugs being known.

  • randonly
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    3 days now and devs don't killswitch this yet

  • Arcade
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    Just been hit with this. Went up against Doctor running this perk. Hit about 8-9 skillchecks, missed one of the last ones, and it went from about 98% to 0% instantly. We ended up losing because of it.

    NODD3RS Member Posts: 103

    this is the same company that let the blood pact ooo bug stay in the game for like a week and a half lol

  • Bwsted
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    Especially, considering that it's the patch notes that they fixed a bug related to missing a MS skill check. Which presumes they would've tested if the fix worked by... well... missing a skill check..

  • ArcT
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    How on earth is this not killswitched yet? This is utterly gamebreaking and listed as a known issue.

  • Sigee
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    We also experienced the issue.

    Here is the video:

  • DiXieViLLan
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    Just happened to me

  • notJustDante
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    it's been almost a week and it still hasn't been killswitched...

  • WMBunt
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    Still happening as of 10:13 a.m. ET on 3/28. Holy hell guys, just kill switch this (again) already. Players are knowingly abusing the bug.

  • Veroles
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    People thought eruption was op? Ha! People think you only can do april fools on 1. april? Ha. I mean it' has no massive influence on the game at all that a nearly finished gen can regress back to 0% with failing one skillcheck. What are 90 seconds in DBD? 

    I mean, you also could let it like that but then please make it at least a hex perk🤣.

  • moony003
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    Just happened to me 3/28. Doctor with Merciless Storm and Huntress Lullaby. Couldn't get gens done because you basically have to do them twice. Why hasn't this been kill switched?

  • MeMeSeeKu
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    I had the same issue... What I don't understand.. is - I got off before the skill check was even "missed" ... so there should have been no regression.. ALSO.. the perk itself does not even say anything about regression in the perk description.. I get it is missing a skill check - however.. I did not miss a skill check.. I got off before the skill check area was even in line..

    IMHO the perk description itself needs to be updated with the fact that it causes regression "when a survivor misses a skill check 12 charges will be lost" etc... But you need to actually miss the skill check.. not just get off of it.

    EDIT: Wait... tell me why it has taken 4+ days for this KNOWN issue to get kill switched lol.. But the flying merciless storm.. which was actually hilarious.. was kill switched so fast?? ....

  • bm33
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    It's pretty ridiculous that even though they've acknowledged this bug it has not been kill switched when next patch isn't until the midchapter. Going from almost finished to instantly 0 progress is a pretty game breaking bug.

  • Viciusaurus
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    I've had several games in a row of killers using MS, and it's very disappointing to see that it's become a known issue but hasn't been killswitched yet. This is an actual exploit that players are using with no consequence and the silence is defeaning.

  • naweyn
    naweyn Member Posts: 16

    Just had this bug happen to me in a game. Gen was at 95%, I missed one merciless skill check and then when it got unblocked the gen was at 0%. How is this not killswitched yet?

  • Olokun
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    Nurse against us , The Game Map, gen was @ 90% + my teamate missed a Skillcheck , instantly Dropped to less than 25% ... happened 10 mins ago , of course she had merciless storm . not recorded it.

    KillSwitch When ?

  • StudlyMcStudface
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    Please killswitch this. I just went against a doctor who kept us in game forever who was using overcharge, call of brine, merciless storm and unnerving presence. We eventually got out because I think we all got bored (the killer didn't kill us), but he had us in the game for a very long time before finally letting us go.

  • uveka
    uveka Member Posts: 8

    I had this issue again today, it happened twice with MS and hunter's lullaby hex. 2 gens went from 95% to 0% twice at the start of the match, so people dc'd... I dont understand why this perk is still available until it's fixed.

  • maximo99ac
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    wow this has been an issue for weeks and no news about it

  • N13hol8s
    N13hol8s Member Posts: 11

    hey people. same here but until they either fix it or disable it. I think it only happens when paired with lullaby. 1 game had the glitch then i got rid of lullaby and the glitch stopped.

  • DiXieViLLan
    DiXieViLLan Member Posts: 4

    Kill merciless storm please

  • MrDavidRay
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    I think the bug is when it's paired with Huntress' Lullaby. Had a match against a doctor earlier and the bug with Merciless Storm still exists.

  • CaptainHustles
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    This perk is clearly still bugged AND being abused by alot of Doctors... it's even ACKNOWLEDGED on here, so why is it NOT killswitched?

    Why are you guys so afraid to use the killswitch and instead choose to let the problem simmer?

    NODD3RS Member Posts: 103

    what is the point of the skill switch feature if we have to wait until a patch comes to fix it? Is it so game breaking that fixing it causes the game to explode?