Haunted Mansion chapter

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What if we got a Haunted Mansion chapter based on Disneys Haunted Mansion, the mansion from the ride would be the map and the Hatbox Ghost would be the killer. This is barely possible but maybe BHVR could make a deal with Disney if they ever acquire the rights to an Alien or Predator chapter.

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  • Literallyweezing
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    One of my dream chapters but I can't see Disney doing it, Alien and Predator is their property but not their creation so they probably feel removed enough to license it. I would be happy with just a Haunted Mansion Map, giving an actual realistic house layout based on the ride alongside an outdoor section in the graveyard. Also I never even considered the Hatbox Ghost as the killer, my pick was always Constance.

  • thisislastyearsmodel
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    I don't want to say that it would outright ruin the vibe of the game or anything drastic like that, but wouldn't it feel a bit silly having a Disney property in the game?