Is anyone actually happy with DbD right now?



  • lifeisstrange
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    Since 6.1 to now with none stop survivor nerfs nah. I went from playing every day to maybe once a week and a big fat maybe since I moved on to way better games. Ill play abit more if its some new rift since I confess am a sucker for glams , else thats it. Lost so many swfs cause of this. Even some popular streamers I do not even see play this anymore.

  • CrossTheSholf
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    Regression nerfs screwed m1 killers. Having to tunnel out the first survivor to even have a chance unless i'm playing a top tier killer

  • Wilx
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    For me it's the Devs that are destroying the game. They've managed to change it so much that right now DBD is just a place holder until another game comes along to take its place.

    I've spend quite a lot of cash in the past supporting the game, but I stopped that and haven't spent a single pound on it recently. They're throwing out DLCs that are sh*t, they're changing perks, they're cash grabbing, etc.

    In my opinion, the game is in the worst state I've ever known. Gens flying by in minutes and killers camping/tunneling every game. (Amongst other things - SM) This isn't the players fault, the blame lays directly with the Devs.

    Do I still play? Yep, until something else comes along.

    Would I recommend it? Absolutely not! 90% of my friends have already left the game. Why would I recommend putting anyone through this..

  • Senaxu
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    There was once talk from official BHVR that at the beginning of 2023 the cheater/hacker problem would finally be addressed and revised. Some people will now say "I've been playing the game for 6 years / 10,000 hours and have only seen two cheaters", but even the official figures say otherwise (64,000 banned in 2022 alone). How many have not been banned for being subtly hacking?

    This problem really needs to be addressed, even if the number of players will then take a serious hit, because then some of the players who have made it through will definitely also be banned.

    I'm still waiting here for the promise of BHVR to be fulfilled and for this protection to become useful at some point.

    That said, progress is being made in the (Killer/Survivor) balance.

  • MrMori
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    Killer feels really good right now, but solo survivor feels frustrating. And I can see that the game does not have killer incentives as often as it used to.

    And a lot of the unfun part of solo surv isn't just because the gameplay is bad, but because it feels so punishing to lose and there's nothing you can do. Slugged to death, BM'd after barely scraping by for 3 gens, no way to end the game early. Why are 4 minute bleedouts still a thing? The game is over, let it end automatically.

    No survival points if you don't escape, depipping. Surv still gets far fewer BP than killer, even when escaping. Just removing these unnecessary punishments or giving the survivor team the option to give up, etc, would help a ton.

  • Hex_iButt
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    I still enjoy playing somewhat, but ngl my passion for dbd is pretty low atm. I like the aesthetic, the concept as a whole, character designs, and have had some good quality fun moments. The real bugger to me is that gameplay just feels stale, many years spent powering gens and hooking survivors. I'm in the opinion that we need to take a break from new chapters and should have more QoL or gameplay updates to keep things interesting, and am more firm in my belief after Knight and Skull Merchant came out. Imagine we get a new game mode, the shrine holds more perks to buy, Trapper gets needed buffs, and there's more to gens than simply skill checks.

  • adsads123123123123
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    As a killer main, yes. Dead Hard and healing nerf is amazing.

  • Smoe
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    Bhvr also said it's an arms race when it comes to the fight against cheaters.

    Cheating will never fully disappear because like in all video games, people will find new ways to do it just as fast as the devs can patch it.

  • Lukepro2315
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    edited April 2023

    Do what i (and all my friends) did & quit playing this game. Let it die, because BHVR does not even care to fix their broken game. All they care about is just "new content and money" but they dont realise, that when you got broken game, no one will buy your content at first place. Just want to inform you at this day, DBD have LOWEST avg players since EVER. So it wont take long and this game will be "dead by daylight".