Selecting Shattered Square goes to Coal Tower instead.

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Platform: PC

Description: Selecting and applying changes to be sent to the Shattered Square map in custom game match setting's set's the match to be played on Coal Tower. Currently the only way to go to the map directly is to use a map offering.

Reproduction: Select and apply Shattered Square as the map in the match setting's.

Occurance: Everytime.

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  • Mandy
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    Can you confirm whether or not this is still happening?

  • Turretcube
    Turretcube Member Posts: 375

    Yes and no, i was meant to come update the post sooner, it seem's the Custom Match setting's just re-routes a random map to Coal Tower and randomly changes the affected map to another randomly on each startup. I had the unfortunate case of it just being on Shattered Square when i tried restarting the game to try get it to work, before making the post. So Shattered Square doesn't have a unique bug. There is a video that has the same thing occuring when setting the map to Lery's but not mentioning Shattered Square, some of the comment's also mentioning other maps doing the same thing.

    If something was adjusted to maybe fix it recently, without going through all the map's to have it repeat, i cannot say.