'Game version is invalid' error

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This just happened to me (PC, Steam, Windows 10).

Is anyone else running into this issue?

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Thanks for all the reports on this, the issue is now resolved.


  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    Yep, same.

  • MarbleThrone
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    Plenty of reports on Steam and the discord forum now too. Hopefully this gets fixed soon!

  • Andrius
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    keep getting the game version is invalid error even tho the game version is valid is anyone else have this problem as well

  • Nirgendwohin
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  • Gibberish
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  • Mockingjay_S451
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    Same on PS5

  • VikingGhostie
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    hi im tring to boot dead by daylight and it keeps popping up with message saying The game version is invalid. Please update to a valid version.

    i am on steam and the version is 6.7.1 and it just got downloaded

  • HoopyK1
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    Same for me as well (both Steam and EGS).

  • Fawiola
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    I have the same Problem.

  • Rizzo
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    Thank you everyone for reporting the issue, we are looking into it.

  • Rizzo
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    The issue should be fixed, you should be able to correctly access the game now.

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