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Any Platform - Skull Merchant's New skin's weapon doesn't have sound effects

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Title. Skull Merchant's new weapon from the Cyber Assassin set doesn't make any sound effects.

What to add in the description


Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play as Skull Merchant with the new Body Cleaver Weapon from the Cyber Assassin Set

Step 3 : Press M1

Step 4 : Notice the weapon doesn't make any sounds, neither when you hit a survivor, nor when you miss

Additional information

  • Character played: Skull Merchant
  • Perks played: Any
  • Map: Any
  • Frequency of the issue: 100% of the time

If needed, i can attach a video of the issue, but it shouldn't be necessary, since it's occurring 100% of the time.

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Fixed in 6.7.1


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