Tome 10, Level 2, Challenge "Generate Fear" not working - again - since 6.7.x

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I know there was a bug in this challenge for weeks and it was partially fixed in 6.6.0. In all the older threads people talking about the fix, so I finally decided to complete the challenge. I've tried different ways and in multiple matches but its impossible to complete. It seems like the bug came back with version 6.7.0 and is still there. There are people on reddit, steam and here having the same problem since 6.7.0.

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  • Filux4
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    Can confirm this bug is back (it was fixed but now it's happening again)

  • SleepyH
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    Yea i have hit survivors on gens and it count it -_-.

  • ThatHairyGreek
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    Yeah same thing for me.

  • escalate
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    Patched in 7.1.1, can be closed

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