Mother's Dwelling is the worst map for Huntress

kaeru Member Posts: 1,568

This is so wrong! When you reworked this map you were all about how to make it pretty, but completely forgot about how would Huntress play on it. Visually map designers made a fantastic job. Both Red Forest maps look marvelous. But gameplaywise it's worse than indoor maps.

Big fluffy bushes that absorb hatchets and make you visible for survivors by convinient height. They should be lower and less fluffy.

Stupid rocks without any chance to make trick shots. They should be lower and have gaps like on McMillan maps.

Unpenetrable debris that don't give you a chance to throw. Their hitbloxes should be smaller.

And so much big trees that give you a 0% chance to make any cool snipes through the map. Please, at least cut down number of trees in half. And tree crowns should probably have more forgiving hitboxes.

Partially this problems are also relevant for Yamaoka maps. And I would rather play there than on Mother's Dwelling. Even indoor maps give you more opportunity to have fun on Huntress than her own map.