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I really enjoy playing this game, I've been playing for a couple of months and my experiences have been amazing all around, however I have been getting this very upsetting problem in which I get kicked from my matches from an outside issue. This problem has slowly been occurring and starting to get worse and worse. At the start I would randomly get kicked from my games occasionally for "Disconnection from Host" or something very similar to that even though my wifi / connection is perfectly normal and working.

At this point, within this week or so the number of times I was getting kicked from games would just increase and increase and would cause my queue ban to increase as well. Currently, I can't even play 1-2 games without getting kicked out, I now have a 48-hour ban which is just wonderful! I waited all day for my 24-hour ban to end and now I just got another one! Additionally, the message for my disconnection was different, it showed as "Connection Error" even though I had perfect connection. This problem really discourages me to play even though this is one of my favorite games to play. I have even spent money on cosmetics which is even more upsetting, I'm supporting the game and you guys won't even let me play it. At this point I'm not even mad anymore I'm just like kind of sad that I can't play.

I also have tried multiple ways in fixing the disconnection error however it didn't work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game off of steam which did not work. I tried verifying my game files to make sure the files weren't corrupted which also did not work. I tried resetting my router which also did not work!

I also found out this problem has been happening to many MANY other people playing this game, and this problem seems to be dating back to at least a year ago. I find it very pathetic that you guys haven't figured a solution to this problem... I would appreciate a response back and hopefully we can take this into emails to get more in depth with this problem and try to fully fix it.

Thank you for reading!

Here are some screenshots I took within the last hour, notice how I have full bars on my connection (bottom right) while it says connection error! Make it make sense!!

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    Same issue They need no fix it asap