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Invisible Wall on Coal Tower

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Platform: PC

Issue: on one of the versions of Coal Tower there is an invisible object (almost center of the map, between logs and shack).

It was stopping me as a killer. It looks like survivors can get past it, but I'm not 100% sure. Sadly I do not know the exact version of Coal Tower with this situation, was trying to replicate with bots but it always started another version of the map (didn't encounter similar thing there).

I see that it was reported already - https://forums.bhvr.com/dead-by-daylight/discussion/374507/invisible-object-on-coal-tower

I recorded it, so here is another post regarding the situation.

Steps to reproduce: I'm not sure that there are speciffic steps, but I was playing in regular game as The Executioner.

How often does this occur: I do not know.

Video below:

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