The Mastermind's (Wesker) Slap is Gone?

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Starting off, I play on PC. When Wesker originally released his special attack would do a slap animation and damage a survivor doing an action such as vaulting a window or unhooking. But for a long while now I have noticed that he does not do this anymore, instead he simply grabs and slams, which can be a little jarring for survivor and killer alike as the animation is quite sudden.

Not only that, but the vaults (for pallet mainly) is a little different too... where if Wesker does not perfectly vault after the survivor was done, he simply bumps. Even there was like 0.1 seconds of survivor animation.

Maybe this is just how Wesker is now, I am not too sure. All I know is that this was not how his power worked in the past.

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Issues with The Mastermind and his power have been reported.


  • mikewelk
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    I hate how you need to line up right in the middle of the pallet to actually vault it but when you get juked you fly right into the vault lmao

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    BHVR fix this, this bug takes a long time. It is also quite annoying when the survivors through the Wesker and jump the pallets or windows, without wesker slap them

  • Banditooo
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    Miss when you weren't pulled through a window and it corrupts so you get two tapped because the wesker shadow buff to slams so he no longer slaps you like he should. Yet nobody talks or admits this just a "skill issue" and not a unintentional bug when we fixed wesker getting pallet teched or anything :)

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