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Unable to interact with anything/Recover/Permanent blindness

Tatertotters Member Posts: 23

Platform: Xbox One

Map Grim Pantry, was survivor against Wesker. When he used his M2 I also got into a locker the same time he hit me, as such probably due to latency (I was 300+ ping as I was SWF'ing with a friend overseas). I got permanent blindness since the game thinks I was in the locker? was unable to interact with any item/gens/survivor etc. and the Wesker would slide off me whenever he used his M2, he could injure me with M1.

The major issue is that as survivor I cannot interact/play the game! for the killer they can't pick me up or use their M2 if they have one...

Steps to reproduce?

a) Wesker against a survivor with high latency and time going into a locker the exact moment Wesker uses his M2, probably very precise timing.

b) Something to do with Grim Pantry and the lockers?

c) Something to do with the servers thinking I'm still in the locker when on my screen I can move around freely?

Chances of replicating this exact scenario is probably very rare.

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