Flashlight in the air

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-Random flashlights effects appeared on the map

-Just played a match agains 3 flashlights, and through all the match this strange lights appeared from time to time at random places on map. Dont know how that happened, but 2 times it helps me find survivors location. so this bug or what that is probably can benefit a killer.

-for now 1 time.

also this effect didnt apply any blindness

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  • Starky
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    Had the same thing happen on spirit. It seems to happen when a flashlight is on when entering/exiting phasing

  • G_Hunters
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    It's a bug with spirit,this character got broken with the last update.

    If you notice,there is also something wrong with her field of view too,animations feels weird and the audio became inconsistent too,mainly survivors footsteps and voices,wich can make no sound at all random.

    All should get fixed with tomorrow patch hopefully.