Game breaking gens split on some maps (Yamaoka, Macmillan, Ormond)

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I've encountered this issue multiple times and each match killers were using it to their advantage.

4 Generators spawning in the same half of the map. Yamaoka with temple in middle, Coal mine (gens were on the side of the mine) and yesterday I firstly witnessed it on Ormond (1 gen mid, 2 on the Shack side and 4 on the opposite). IIRC it was Yamaoka at start..maybe 6 months ago, but over time you, developers, change smth with gen spawn (like, when there's no gens in corner house on Haddonfield or changed gen places on RCPD; rarely there's no gen on gallows on Dead Dawg and one in mid etc). It just feels like issues are connected very closely. Why can't it be like it should be 3-1-3...In Solo Q, damn even in 2 friends swf (we aren't great) it's nearly impossible to win, when all killer is doing - just standing on one half, drops the chases and proceeds to kick the gens. And you can't report it. While on one hand we may say it's using an exploit, on the other hand bhvr didnt make any statement nor fixes for such a long period of time.

You guys release Knight and SM (I dunno almost anything about Singularity but I think he will fit into this group as well) and then you talk about how 3 gen stand offs became a problem. Seriously ? You're doing such a great job with a game most of the time, but sometimes I just have no words because you keep inserting itself a spoke in the weels like in some Tom n Jerry cartoons. On top of mentioned problem we have perk and map disabled for how many ? Month ? No fix needed, people can wait. Have a nice day.

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