[PS5] Adept Singularity doesn't work

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My build:

Clip of my merciless:

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  • theTARNavsky
    theTARNavsky Member Posts: 134
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    Apparently restarting the console makes it work... even though I got other trophies no problem without it...

  • blacknite15
    blacknite15 Member Posts: 55

    I tried restart and managed to get merciless but no trophy. So far I’ve got it 3 times total but no trophy

  • eisenbuns
    eisenbuns Member Posts: 83

    Samesies but I'm on Steam. ;_; It was so stinkin' hard, too.

  • elyampedup88
    elyampedup88 Member Posts: 17

    It is also not working on ps4. I was able to get Gabriel Soma's adept but it didn't give me the singularity adept!

  • Cabbage
    Cabbage Member Posts: 349

    Same on Xbox series X, could also get Gabriel’s but not the singularity’s even after restarting my console.

  • theTARNavsky
    theTARNavsky Member Posts: 134

    I'm assuming some of you already seen the patch notes for the latest release (7.0.2), but for those who didn't - apparently there was a bug causing the adept achievement not to trigger when inside the biopod view as the match was ending. Which I was when I reported it (as you can see on the video), but apparently I wasn't when I finally got it - I just thought the restart helped.

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