Nemesis zombies don't respawn

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Nemesis zombies fail to respawn after the 7.0.0 update.

This happens when equipped with the following add-on combination : Depleted Ink Ribbon + Tyrant Gore

After the nemesis kills his own zombies this way they may never respawn.

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  • sizzlingmario4
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    Can confirm. I guess it’s because the default respawn time is 12 seconds and that addon combination reduces it to below zero. This wasn’t a problem prior to the update but now it is with the buffed addons.

  • IamMeee
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    Step 1: Boot the game.

    Step 2: Queue as The Nemesis.

    Step 3: Equip the addons Tyrant Gore and Depleted Ink Ribbon before the game starts.

    Step 4: After loading into the match, kill a zombie.

    Step 5: Notice that you now only have one zombie for the rest of the match, unless you choose to kill that zombie too.

    This probably happens because both addons reduce the time for a zombie to respawn, both adding up to a -0.5 second spawn time, which can easily be fixed by toning down the numbers slightly.

  • MiniXwheatZ95
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    Platform - PC Steam

    when running the add-ons Depleted Ink Ribbon and Tyrant Gore together when you destroy a zombie with your tentacle the zombies will never respawn.

    Can be replicated on any map with any perks

  • CrispySalsa
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    When running the Tyrant Gore and Depleted Ink Ribbon add-ons on Nemesis, killing a zombie yourself prevents it from ever respawning. Presumably because these add-ons make the respawn time shorter than 0 seconds, normally the zombies take 12 seconds to respawn but the add-ons reduce that by 12.5 seconds. Consistently happened in the 3 games I ran it for.

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    How did they manage that?

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