Saved then stuck in carry pov

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i was talkin to my friend on discord while playing dbd then i was flashbang saved but stuck in the pov I could still move and activate perks (sprint burst) also the frames dropping is my clipping software bugging out when I streamed on discord to my fiends

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Fixed with 7.0.1


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    When using ds as a survivor on The Singularity your cam gets stuck on the killer. You're in 3rd person though. You can still move your surv in a weird position, you can interact with everything. But your cam is rotating around the killer! Only if you get hooked again you get out of this.

    Happened to me in pubs and then tried to reproduce it. It worked every time so far.

    Here's the video to the bug:

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    It's not DS specific, nor singularity. It's any time the killer drops someone, whether from DS, flashlight, flashbang, pallet save, or simply wiggling off. It's functionally impossible for a killer to not confirm a down by just immediately picking you up right now because even if someone gets a 'save,' the camera is broken and it's unplayable until they're hooked.

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    Flashlight saved - ended up floating and following the killer's camera.

    Video attached. Can provide

  • bearr_trap
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    I just had this happened to me after using Decisive Strike, had no idea what happened and thought I disconnected at first because of how unusual this was.

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    So my first match in against the new killer the singelarity or however you spell it. He downed me and picked me up I had decisive strike activated and I used it I stunned him and hopped off. However my camera was stuck on the singularity while I was still moving my character and even vaulted a window cuz I used his camera perspective. He then downed me and started chasing a teammate my camera was still on him while I was crawling and recovering with tenacity and no mither. He then downed and hooked my teammate while I picked myself up. But I was still on his camera perspective. I unfortunately don’t have the video because switch doesn’t let me record videos for dbd.

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    Just letting you guys know that I tested it in a second game and have confirmed at least on switch decisive strike on the singularity breaks the player who used its camera.

  • Akarin
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    I was saved by my friend with the lantern and the camera changes to The Singularity, you're in 3rd person though, can still move the surv in a weird position and you can interact with everything

  • Grim_Grimz
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    Platform: PC Steam

    Perks: Soul Guard, Decisive Strike, Off the Record, Unbreakable

    was hit by the singularity with a biopod, then they hit me into mennd with off the record, proceeded to down me and pick me up. Used DS on them and then my camera switched from Gabriel Soma to following the killer from a 3rd person perspective.

    I was able to control Gabriel, but he remained floating in the air in the picked up position. When the killer moved my camera followed them from a fixed 3rd person position behind them instead of following Gabriel so I wasnt able to do much with him.

  • GrassToucher
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    Got flashie saved (agains blight) and my camera got stuck to the killer's shoulder for the rest of the game

  • Mandy
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    Thank you so much for that log file! It's super useful to have

  • Bommelkopf
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    Does this also work if the killer lets you wiggle out or repeatedly drops the survivor and picks them up again?

  • Crystallized_Rose
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    • PC Survivor
    • I got flashlight saved then the camera was solely on the killer. I could move my survivor but couldn't see where
    • Heres the video link to what happened It said my file was too big (Can stop watching at 0.42 rest of the clip shows you more of how my camera was on the killer)
    • Ive gotten the glitch before in prevous patches like a max of 5 time before this patch seeing it again and before it usally happened when getting hooked.
  • SingularityBug
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    "Complete the Evolution" achievement added in 7.0.0 can unintentionally be completed by playing as the Clown

    Step 1 : Boot the game.

    Step 2 : Enter a public match as The Clown.

    Step 3 : In-game, intoxicate survivors and subsequently injure or down them 3 times.

    Step 4: Observe that the achievement, "Complete the Evolution" (In public matches, with the Singularity, injure or down 3 survivors who are Hindered), is completed, even though you're playing as The Clown and not The Singularity.

    Additional information

    • Character: The Clown
    • Perks used: Agitation, Coulrophobia, Distressing, Fearmonger
    • Map: Lery's Memorial Institute
    • Frequency: Once
  • 47M4D
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    Decisive strike is bugged. It keeps your POV on the killer as well as the animation of the survivor stays as it is.

  • pattedevlour
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    So I am on PC, update 7.0.0 (I think as of today 14th of June 2023)

    I successfully used my DS skill check that was quite far on the circle actually. So basically the killer was in it's carrying position and it bugged. I had a latency in wich it took a moment for me to get myself out of the killer's grasp and when I finally got off I was this amazing air bending Laurie with the killer's POV (like when you're being carried). SO I could only play around that FOV otherwise I would have lost myself lol.

    Here's a clip that will last 2 days :

  • pattedevlour
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    Additional information:

    My friends told me they kept seeing my aura floating at the spot where I got off the killer's grasp, so not budging from there). (They were on the ground so they see auras). They said my aura reappeared the moment I got downed again in my actual spot.

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  • mikewelk
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    How does the implementation of a singular chapter consisting of a new map, new survivor, and new killer effect stuff like this it really baffles me. How does this even happen...

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  • Altitxde
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    I encountered this bug after a very laggy flashlight save. My screen froze for a few seconds and then I had a 3rd person view of killer and could later on see my self walking around while still in the struggle animation. I had full controll of my character but I was not in my character's view, I had the killers view.

  • Mafilovy
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    I've noticed this bug in quite a few instances already, happens when a save of any kind is performed on a survivor, I experienced being a witness of it and being affected by it. The survivor I rescued with a flashlight was shown floating in place in the carry animation, but was otherwise playing the game but was invisible to me, like for example when they started healing a teammate infront of me, there was no one there, yet the other player could see them, but on my screen they were still floating in the same spot I saved them in. And when it happened to me, my camera got locked in the killer. I could still move as survivor but I was stuck in the carry animation as I ran. I am currently playing with some lag spikes and on 14 fps, so that might be why. It seems to happen only if the save is performed the same instant an fps drop happens or a lag spike happens. Which is sadly happening to me alot because of my current circumstances.

  • RBeechyx
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    I got downed outside the exit gates, a friend blinded killer as it was picking me up and i teleported out of his grasp and landed somewhere but I couldn't see because my camera was following the killer as he was looking for me.

    Not even sure what caused this

    First time it's happened

  • Bestdbdplayer123
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    on my xbox when I was about to get flashlight saved I didnt jump off the killers back. Instead my character was in the air and my pov was stuck on if Iwasin the killers grasp. The map I was on was forsaken boneyard

  • mr_penguin811
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    I don’t know if it was just me but this is the first time it happened to me. I thought I should report.

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    I was playing against a hag in a public match and after she downed me, I hit my Decisive Strike. From that point on, I was no longer able to see myself, but the hag's POV from a 3rd person view. I was still able to move my character or interact in any way. The only way I found how to track my position was with my visual heartbeat indicator. The following videos were recorded with my phone, so I removed the sound, hence the watermark.

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    It's a somewhat common glitch at the moment, here's a master thread on it :

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  • HugTheHag
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    It's a somewhat common glitch at the moment, here's a master thread on the issue :

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    • Epic Games Survivor
    • I got flashbang saved and the camera stayed on the killer. I could move my survivor but couldn't see where.
    • Video :
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