No Audio when match begins when focus is not on DBD

Outcast Member Posts: 35

before this update when you were alt/tabbed on PC, you would get the audio when you loaded into a match. This no longer happens. I've stood AFK for several matches cause I keep forgetting.

I play on Steam

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  • trendyfartknocker
    trendyfartknocker Member Posts: 76

    Same same.

  • edgargarciabe660
    edgargarciabe660 Member Posts: 42

    Same happening to me, hope they fix it because I just stand there afk and when I notice half of my corrupt intervention has already run out with 2 gens popped😂

  • Hitari
    Hitari Member Posts: 47

    jesus christ please fix this i can't play like this. ain't no way i'm gonna watch a loading screen for 3 minutes

  • Pokabyss
    Pokabyss Member Posts: 2

    same here. did a bug report and the response I got was to change mute focus to OFF but I didn’t need to have it off before this update lol