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Hi, PC over steam.

I was playing against the singularity, on its own map, with the new survivor.

I had the perks Scavanger, Streetwise, bond and self care, together with a commodious toolbox with scraps and socket swivels. However, when i stood at a gen, i get the prompt to either repair or use the toolbox, but couldnt use the toolbox at all, i could only repair normaly.

Was not infected or anything.

First match it happened in.

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  • sulaiman
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    Just to ad another: Same map, same killer, but this time another bug.

    I played leon with lithe, botany, self care and bond, no items, but had an emp.

    i tried using the emp and got stuck in the animation, no pressing buttons worked, couldnt vault, heal, reapair or anything, until i got hit by the killer. I dont think thats intended. I just put it in here since its the same map and killer.

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    again, same map and killer, new survivor, same perks and items as first post.

    Killer hits me, suddenly my monitor changes into window modes, and changes resolution on the game. never had that with this or any other game before.

    Returns to normal after i restarted the game.