New? bug causing Blight to prematurely swing at the start of a non-lethal rush | PC Steam

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Haven't had this before so I think it is new. Just played a game on Macmillan and right as I loaded in I go into a non-lethal rush and started prematurely swinging. Note: you need to go into a lethal rush to attack, and I wasn't pressing M1 inbetween fatigue. This happened twice in the same game but didn't occur after that.

Platform: PC Steam

How to reproduce: Start a rush as Blight until it happens

Happens almost immediately after starting a rush.

Disclaimer: I cannot M1 during a non-lethal rush so it was not a misclick or mouse thing.

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  • o7o
    o7o Member Posts: 332

    Update: looking back at the clip, first time it happened during a lethal rush and the second time was non-lethal.