Flashlight save bug; Singularity; New Map

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What exactly happened was:

  1. I was being picked up by the Singularity
  2. Out came the Meg whom proceeded to get the flashlight save.
  3. At first I didn't know what happened because there was no animation as well as I didn't drop back to the normal form.
  4. I then noticed that I can move my "being held position" body and move around at slowly.
  5. My camera's viewpoint then turned into the killer's camera viewpoint, except in 3rd person.

Here is the screen shot, below, I'm the David floating in the background.

Once the killer hooked me, everything went back to normal.

I tried getting footage but everything happened too fast in which I couldn't get the whole encounter in time.

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  • Mikay
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    I had the exact same problem today on switch.