PC/Steam - After stepping into a trap, game bugged out

Vankoslav Member Posts: 1

In my last match, after vaulting a window and picking up a trapped survivor I kinda got stuck in my own trap. While this was happening I started getting frame drops and could barely move. While this was happening a survivor was on my shoulder and seemed to wiggling, but he couldn't wiggle out even though I was stuck for like 30 seconds. After this I got out of it and managed to hook him.

Something similar happened after vaulting the same window with the same trap while chasing another survivor, but this time I was only stuck for like 5 seconds.

I was playing the Trapper on Father Campbell's Chapel with Corrupt Intervention, Save The Best For Last, Deadlock and Agitation as my perks. Issue occured two times. I wasn't able to capture a video, but I attached my logs. After the game one of the survivors said something that got blocked by profanity filter and told me that she was gonna report me for abusing glitches.

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