Nurse can't blink onto staircase on Toba Landing

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I found this during a very unpleasant match on the new map where I could not blink from the top of the main building, right where the window is, to the saircase below. It either ported me into a small space below that only Nurse can get in or left me stuck on the top floor. This was also heavily abused by some of the survivors I faced. I am only an average nuse, so maybe there is something I don't know, but the clip below from a custom match shows me trying to get on that staircase. It worked 1 or 2 times but not from the top floor.

The stairs in general are very hard to blink onto and you will either not move an inch or teleport to the completely other end, since the marker flickers wildly.

In addition I found a spot on some cables (around 2:40) where I could blink onto.

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