Another day, another Twins bug

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Yet again Twins is fatally bugged. I unbound Victor to chase Survivors on Toba Landing, near the threshold of the main building (see image) that connects to the upper floor, and could not move, charge my pounce, or swap back to Charlotte. Unlike a previous bug I've experienced with Twins, the UI remained visible and accurate. I was hoping a nearby survivor would kick Victor and maybe that would fix the problem but of course they didn't (maybe they knew about the bug and decided to leave me there). My only option was to DC.

I would be more understanding (new map, new perks, new patch changes and so on are bound to create issues) but Twins is constantly bugged and glitchy in so many different ways and not only has Twins never been killswitched to fix the often game-breaking problems they experience, devs have confirmed there will be no significant changes to them until next year at the earliest, meaning this is only going to continue to drive people away from an already unpopular killer.

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