Garden of Joy Dining Room Window Vault Bug

SirJustSir Member Posts: 16

Recently, I had a killer match where I was playing as Pig and some survivors were doing the loop play at the dining room by vaulting the window there. I vaulted and I felt I fell a tiny bit slower than usual. As if I fell to invisible stomp before I reached the ground. Also, because of that bug I couldn’t catch up to survivors at the loop. I decided to test this bug in a custom match to see if it was only happening in that match only or it was a permanent bug. Playing in the custom matches Pig also gave the same result. Next, I decided to test a few killers to see if they had the same problem as Pig. So far, Legion, Ghostface, and Trickster also had the same issue. Here are two clips of Pig and Trickster experiencing this bug. My conclusion, I feel this map needs to be killswitched because of this bug and killers not being able to down survivors at this specific loop.

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