Made for This perk does not trigger when using For the people perk on a downed survivor

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Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Equip Made for This Perk and For the people perk

Step 3: Join a match(custom or normal)

Step 4: While a survivor is down, use For the people on him/her

Aditional Info:

Platform: we tested it on PC but should occur on any platform

  • this issue occurs on any character
  • the player who use For the people on a downed survivor, will not get the endurance from Made for This perk
  • the player who use For the people on a injured survivor will get the endurance
  • the only required perks to reproduce the issue are For the people and Made for This
  • the map used doesn't matter

Frequency of the issue: 5/5

Expected behaviour: According to the patch notes, Bug fixes part " Using For the People to heal a survivor to healthy no longer triggers the Endurance effect from Made for This"

I've attached a video with us reproducing the bug in a custom since it happened to us pretty often during the games. - This is the video, i can't attach it with "Insert Media" so i'll leave the video here.

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