Issue with The Rift

River_dbd Member Posts: 11

Everytime I open the rift it greets me as if I had just collected every level on the page I am currently on. For example, if I was level 51 on page 7 and I had went in to collect the rewards for that level, I would "claim the rewards" for levels 48-51 even though I had already collected 48-50. Even when I don't have any rewards to collect it would do the same thing. I know it's not that big of a deal but the noise is just so obnoxious. This season is the only time it has happened.

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  • Kamikazi
    Kamikazi Member Posts: 144

    I completed the rift, and every time I look at the rift, it pretends I just earned everything on the last page again and again.

    At first I was happy to gain so many auric cells on repeat, but all it is is a cosmetic defect... every time I look at rift.