Glitched / Bugged Trophies on PS4 Version

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Playstation 4

On PS4, the trophies for leveling a character to 10 and 25 aren't popping. The trophy for also leveling a skill to 3 isn't working either.

I went from my PS5 version that I have all trophies on and loaded up the PS4 version and no matter what or who I level the trophies don't trigger despite other trophies working after doing 1 action.

This occurs every time, the DLC for Singularity & Gabriel I thought MIGHT fix it, so I leveled both of them and still no luck sadly.

If possible I'd love for this to be resolved for this version. Thank you for your time.

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    THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME TOO EXCEPT REVERSED (got all on ps4, ps5 not popping)