window teleport glitch

while i was looping a killer blight with giant eyeball skin i encountered a bug where i teleported to the otherside of the window in an attempt to vault and ended up vaulting into the killer, i happen to be streaming and clipped the video if i need to provide a larger clip let me know but twitch has a limit on the length

not sure if this has been reported before but i was told by a crew member in the discord to report this

Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : play survivor and go to yokohama estate, i played feng with lunar new year rabbit skin

Step 3 : get chased in the same way the video did i guess idk

Additional information

  • Character played: feng min lunar new year skin
  • Perks played: adrenaline, any means necessary, balanced landing, windows of opportunity
  • Map: yokohama family residence
  • Frequency of the issue: was a 1 off but it could happen again idk

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