The weirdest Spirit bug ever

JSteveIsMeTTV Member Posts: 24

For the record, I don't know what caused this but I have a clip of it happening. I was about to be hooked for the first time by Spirit on the new map. However, as you can see, I'm just stuck as her. I genuinely couldn't do anything. I didn't lose anything aside from the match but I have to share this.

Once again, don't know what caused it. Killer was about to hook me but I ended up stuck on her.

Watch this video to see what

happened. I'd include a video file but it won't let me

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  • Rizzo
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    Do you remember if this happened after you got saved from the Killer's grasp or you wiggled out?

  • JSteveIsMeTTV
    JSteveIsMeTTV Member Posts: 24

    I was in the process of being hooked. Like I should've been hooked but instead I got a new bestie. This has happened to other people too