blight phases through pallets like the spirit

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bug happening on what i assume is all platforms

had a match where from the survivor pov it looks like a pallet is downed but when approaching the pallet its not actually there, and the survivor kind of glitches through it (in my case my survivor jumped over the pallet as if they were being forced out of an area they wouldve been stuck in)

best way i can explain the downed pallet is like the doctor's illusionary pallets

not sure what the pov of the blight has, but he can phase through the pallet like its not there without any glitching or any kind of hindrance

my guess is that this is being caused by add ons or a map (ran into this bug on thompson house)

this bug got me and probably many others killed so itd be cool if the map or add ons that caused this get killswitched for the time being

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Fixed with 7.0.1

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