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Since Hux has his tweak today, I have to ask ---

bearr_trap Member Posts: 120

When playing against him, as I've not played him yet myself, I grasp that when he's in Overclock mode he's pretty aggressive when it comes to chasing down a survivor. I also know he can break pallets much faster than a Killer with Brutal (assumption based on my experience against him) but is my question:

If he teleports to a player that just vaulted a pallet that has already been dropped earlier in a previous chase, is he meant to instantly destroy that pallet with what seems to be absolutely zero slow down in the process?


  • Jarky
    Jarky Member Posts: 587
    edited June 2023

    Yes - he is. It's an intentional part of his power.

    When he's overclocked (glowing green): If you throw a pallet over his body, it'll instantly destroy and he'll become hindered.

    When teleporting to a survivor who's vaulting over a pallet/throwing a pallet down he'll also instantly break it and become hindered for a period of time.