UI randomly disappeared after I was downed (skill checks not visible)

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Exactly what it says in the title. Was playing on PC with 3 other console survivors and a console Myers. I was downed and suddenly the entire UI was gone. Perks, survivor icons, gens left, my current action, all gone.

^ Screenshot I took once I noticed something was wrong. I couldn't see my recovery bar and had to go off of the animations to realize I was recovering.

^ Screenshot once I was healed up, UI still not present.

^ Screenshot once I got on a gen. No progress bar, and most importantly skill checks were not visible. This one was thankfully almost done, but I tried doing another one after this and couldn't. I would hear the skill check noise and the skill check itself would not show, making it impossible to finish a gen.

I'd be happy to add more info if needed. This made the game unwinnable and I really don't want anyone else going through this.

EDIT: Tried attaching the log just in case. I didn't play a single game after this one.

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