Im not getting masks for the event

Ginnypig Member Posts: 132

I play killer anaad have aall the invitatiosn every single match, i played around 15 matches so faar and not aa single maaaask has been earned

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  • Annso_x
    Annso_x Member Posts: 1,581

    To unlock the masks you need to have enough charges from your invitation left. If you keep using the effects but don't pick up an other invitation you won't unlock anything.

  • EQWashu
    EQWashu Member, Mod Posts: 3,896

    Hey @Ginnypig

    As Annso_x mentioned above, the invitations need at least one full charge when the gates are open (and as Survivor, you're alive), one survivor is left and the hatch spawns, or the game ends. Are these being met, but still no masks? Also, double check the Event Collection page to check if you can <3