Kicked from friend lobbies and unable to re-join after one game

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This has been happening since yesterday (27th June 2023) but I didn't play for several days before. I'm a Steam user.

I've tried several times to team up with both a PS5 player and other Steam players, with the same result on each where I'd join their lobby, play one full match, exit out of the post-game tally and load back into the main menu only to be met with an "An unknown error occurred" error message & everyone in my social menu I was just playing with noted as "In a Match" when they are now back in the lobby.

I can't join them, invites they send don't come through, and I have to relaunch my game to be able to rejoin their lobby only to be kicked again after one match.

If they play a match without me, they'll be stuck as "In a Match" after that match too, and I'm unable to join them.

I've tried verifying my game files through Steam, resetting my router, restarting my PC, and I've fully reinstalled DBD, and it's still happening. I've really got no clue what could be causing it.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Ultimately I can still play killer games and solo survivor, but having to restart my game after every match for SWF definitely seems unusual.

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  • JEWberry
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    This has been happening to me too. It started for me roughly after June 25th(not sure on the exact date, just know it started that weekend) and has continued since. I'm a Steam player and I try to play with my gf who is on PS5. Almost every game I get that "An unknown error has occurred" message and it locks me from joining back unless I restart. Solo games are fine for me too.

  • unliveble
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    Having the same problem since June 26. Tried to verify files, played on different PC’s and reinstalled the game, nothing changed. While playing solo everything’s completely fine. But with friends it’s kicking me out of lobby after every game and the only solution is to restart the game which is really annoying. Hopefully you can fix it soon. Thank you.

  • JEWberry
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    I have played the last 3 days and had no issues. This includes solo queue and SWF with crossplay enabled on Steam. The few things I did 3 days ago before trying again were:

    • Reinstall the game
    • Restart my Router
    • Install Windows Cumulative Updates

    I didn't test the first 2 things I did, but I'm pretty sure those didn't do anything anyways considering everyone else tried those in this thread. I had a windows update go through on June 16th, this was the day that I went to visit my girlfriend till the next Friday on June 23rd. I don't believe we played till the 24th. I didn't push through a cumulative .NET Windows update that came out on June 16th with that other update I already downloaded. I believe that this could have caused some errors with crossplay and connectivity. I checked for updates and downloaded that .NET and the next Windows cumulative update, everything ended up working fine in Dead by daylight after that.

    I'm not sure of the issue for the person who tried multiple devices. Unless a DBD update made it less compatible with a previous Windows version(highly doubt but maybe).

  • PhilipOmnis
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    Anyone else found any additional solutions? Been having this issue for about 2-3 weeks and all the above solutions have not worked, sadly.

  • chesouuu
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    Same goes for me. I had the problem since the Nicolas Cage Update. I tried everything, Updated my drivers, uninstalled, installed, tried the steam thing where you can test your local data, etc. Nothing helped. I contacted the DBD Team but they told me to do everything i already did sadly.

    If anyone can find a solution, it would be so great if you can share it! I just want to play with my friends again. :c

    Edit Version;

    So, i tried everything possible and it seems like DBD cant deal with my internet connections. With wifi and with my cable.

    I know that now 'cause i tried playing on Steam, on Epic Games and now on my Playsation 4. Everytime i have the same Problem.

    I guess the problem is, that maybe I have mini disconnects that arent so long that everything works fine during them, but not DBD. I dont know if thats the case but sometimes my internet is for a little short time really bad.

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  • Amazeballs
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    I'm having the same issue since the skull merchant chapter release. Everytime I try to play with a friend only one of us will get into a match lobby and the other one(usually me) gets kicked out with an error message "An unknown error occured" or "Check your internet connection". However, I could play solo queue and killer games for hours together without a single issue. I had raised a ticket and gave them logs and everything only for them to say "This is all the possible solutions we can think of now. Please stay tuned for more performance updates". This became ectremely frustrating and I don't play this game as I often as I used to now.

  • FishyFish
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    Ive got the same issue. If I want to play with friends, after EVERY game everyone im playing with has to restart, and only I can be the lobby host. If they are I will 90% of the time get the message; no connection to the host; disconnecting.

    So when I play a game with my friend, then after the game we both get disconnected from the lobby and if they try to join me again it says 'an unknown error occured'.

    Ive now reinstalled DBD, removed any shaders and hud thingies. BHVR please fix :(

  • MrWayer
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    I have the same problem. Anytime I play solo que there is no issue, but when my girlfriend decides to join me we keep having it after every game. We both reinstalled the game aswell

  • chesouuu
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    I FOUND A SOLUTION!! For me, i dont know if you guys have the same Problem.

    I played via ps4, Epic and Steam and the problem was always there. So it seemed like its an Internet Problem for me. I played a little around with the config of my router with a friend, and it seems like the Firewall of my Router blocks sth that Dead by Daylight needs! (Idk what, if its Anti Cheat or DBD itself).

    Sooo.. i switched off my firewall and i can perfectly play again. My solution fpr this will be, bcs i dont want my firewall offline constantly, that i will buy a new Router.

    If anyones german here:

    Ich hatte ne Vodafone EasyBox 805, diese hat Probleme verursacht. Werde jetzt aber auf eine Fritz Box wechseln, damit kann man nie was falsch machen. :P

  • JokyAzz
    JokyAzz Member Posts: 21

    I have the same issue

  • Balmungr
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    I did every suggestion on this topic and nothing worked out, Tried to change my NAT type, IP address, change between platforms and releasing and renewing my internet configurations. This issue is literally making the game unplayable.

  • Dannyj
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    Same issue here , making it impossible to stream swf or even play it.

    I even changed my router , flushed dns / renewed ip and complete network reset on my pc.

    Nothing works , it's a DBD thing to fix

  • aquajoggers
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    having the same issue, but i’m on ps5 cross playing with friends on pc. its always mine that is kicked/disconnected after every single match. getting in one lobby is ridiculously difficult after a match or two, requiring multiple restarts of the game. not sure how to fix it.

  • Dannyj
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    Still the same issue is going on