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First of all, I would like to say that English is not my mother tongue, so I apologize for any mistakes.

I love this game with all my heart and I mainly play as a survivor. In this way, I would like to express my negative impressions. these are just my feelings.

1) The Doctor

The Doctor strikes me as a very powerful enemy. his abilities not only pass through objects, but also through floors, and in addition, after being hit, you cannot drop pallets or climb over windows. So it's unfair to play against him, because he still has more than half of the map. It would be best to completely rework it or add a perk that would completely block it for the duration of the game.

2) Long range killers

playing against these Killers is not easy and they are difficult to block both with pallets and hiding places or escaping (for example Trickster, Plague...)

It's not easy to play, would like to add a perk to temporarily block them, like a token perk, etc.

3) Wiggling and hooks

Sometimes it seems to me that the hooks are about five meters apart and the wiggle won't even come out. What's the point of such a mechanic if it doesn't even help when Killers use perks like Lightborn and Iron Grasp. Then the survivor has big problems.

it would be better to either reduce the number of hooks or increase the Wiggling.

4) Pallets and other mechanics

It is very bad to see that there are few pallets on the map, and also, when they are destroyed, they cannot be rebuilt. Adding a perk that would repair pallets or replace them with traps would be great.

Also, the dying mechanic could be permanent and not just a totem or a one time use from Bill.

As I wrote at the beginning, these are my negative impressions of the game.

But otherwise, I love Dead by Daylight with all my heart. And I'll throw in a Survivor and Killer suggestion soon.

Have a nice day


  • Pavel_Ch
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    1. The doctor is not a strong killer. all he can do is try to immobilize the survivor in order to deal a hit, or enter him into stage 3 to buy some time. but he is slowed by the ability. try not to drop the pallet and just run, and you will see that he will waste his time chasing for a long time.

    2. ranged killers already have low movement speed and no map mobility. it's a compensation for being able to catch a survivor quickly, but also a punishment for making a mistake in chasing too long.

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  • darksouls3600
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    You are probably new in the game.

    So... All your points are problematic.

    Doc is not OP, in the end he is a m1 killer and pre drop or bait his power can buy a lot of time,l.

    Long range killers don't have mobility and are good only in chases, 90% of loops are terrible for long range to play because they need to see you.

    Hooks and wiggle are fine and hooks and wiggle already can be abused by sabo squads.

    Pallets are fine, otherwise we will have infinities back and that will be a huge mistake from BHVR, infinity self recovery was already tested in a PTB and guess... It was a problem and easily abusable.

  • BasementDweller
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    1) Doc isn't op, if he's charging for a blast try to bait it out. Devs aren't going to add perks that hard counter a killers power

    2) Once again they aren't going to add a perk that hard counters a killers power

    3) While wiggling may seem like a useless mechanic in some scenarios , it's not meant to be a guaranteed thing.

  • DaddyMyers_Mori
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    Yeah, you lost me with Doctor.

  • nars
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    1. Doctor is a c-tier killer who is extremely easy to counter.
    2. Ranged killers are powerful but easy to counter on both sides.
    3. Wiggling is in place to prevent you from being put in basement every time you go down, and so that your team can make plays to stall for it to fill. If neither happens it doesnt deserve to fill.
    4. Pallets are typically plentiful and will last if you can run them correctly with few exceptions.
  • THE_Crazy_Hyena
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    1. The Doctor is not as strong or unfair as you make him out to be. He has one counter perk in the form of Calm Spirit. It removes your sound when screaming, and the killer can not see the loud noice notification, as you don't make sounds.
    2. Use line of sight blockers against these kinds of killers. T/L walls or high obstacles are perfect against them. Do not wait at pallets when facing killers like these. Pre-dropping is a lot more effective.
    3. Wiggling is fine as it is. Hook spawn RNG is a different beast!
    4. I do agree that some maps and areas are very low on pallets, and that they should be way more evenly spread out. So say that each map has between 15 and 20 pallets, but the RNG can put all of these in one half of the map, instead of evenly distributing them around. This does create so called deadzones on the map
  • TickTackBoooom
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    sorry but you seem kind of new to the game. All of your suggested changes are overexaggerated, inconsistent and would also be terrible for the Killer Playerbase. You seem to only point things out from a Survivors Perspective. Try to master the things you are complaining about as a Killer and you will see that its not as bad as you make it seem to be.

  • Jaroslavus
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    It's obviously a mistake to write anything here, because then the wrong people will react to it!

    I have X thousands hours in this game

    And please don't respond if you don't understand the problem. Thank you very much

  • Pavel_Ch
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    Are you not familiar with the forum rules? You must be ready to discuss with other participants. You better not talk about the hours xD

  • Viktor1853
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    All of your suggestions are way too survivor sided